Singapore 1960s: Fragile economy, severe environmental degradation, unsafe housing, high youth unemployment.

Institutes of Technical Education: train young men and women for the work that keeps the Singapore economy running.  The institutes are designed as fun places to pick up real life working and technical skills and appeal to students that do not thrive in a traditional school environment.

Public Housing: More than 80% of Singaporeans live in public housing and own their apartments that are located in well planned new towns.

Integrated Landuse and Transportation Planning:  Commuter convenience is deeply embedded into the design of transportation infrastructure that extend all the way to housing and work space entrances.

Urban Reservoirs: collect water from urban catchments. This is achieved through landuse control within the catchment area, specially designed roadside infrastructure, regular cleaning and maintenance of public areas, and civic consciousness.

Urban Spaces: carefully designed urban spaces and vistas for celebration, performance and aesthetic enjoyment.