YSEALI Urban Planning & Smart Growth Workshop

5 Days Workshop Organized by Singapore Institute of Planners (SIP) and funded by US State Department/Embassy for 60 people from throughout the ten countries of ASEAN (Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore and Brunei). 

The event was held successfully, within budget, and with high levels of satisfaction (4.5/5) among both the participants and the sponsors. The final accounting is now complete, and the event earned more that SGD $45K for SIP.

Typical Scenes from Workshop Presentations & Activities

Final Panel Discussion

Chinatown Tour

Selected Photos can be found here and to view event in YouTube.


The event achieved it’s objectives of education, networking, and leadership development, and several articles have been published in regional press about participants’ experiences.

Administrative Safeguards

• SIP Council approval was obtained before bidding. A subcommittee was set up to manage affairs related to the effort, and a project manager was appointed. 

• Council hired a professional event manager to help with planning the event; 3 bids were obtained to ensure we considered the appropriate balance of qualifications and price.
• Subcommittee closely monitored event manager, with regular reporting to Council and to relevant US Embassy staff.
• The workshop was entirely funded by the US State Department and related entities. A separate bank account was established for all project-related funds. All payments have been received.
• Event insurance was purchased to protect Council; travel insurance was also purchased for participants. 


SIP wishes to thank the US Government, represented by the US Embassy in Singapore for its support in funding the workshop. We would also like to thank those administrators of the YSEALI program for their assistance during recruitment and selection of participants and observers. The list of people involved is too long to list here, but includes the following:

• Stephanie Syptak-Ramnath, Chargé d'Affaires
• Camille Dawson, Counselor for Public Affairs
• Nikolina Kulidzan, Deputy Public Affairs Officer
• Tessa Tham, YSEALI Coordinator in Singapore
• Goh Hwee Lian, Coordinator, Public Affairs Section

SIP also wishes to thank SIP President Evlyn Cheong for her guidance in leading the workshop committee, Brian Jennett as Project Manager, as well as fellow council members Jeffrey Ho, Teo Jing Kok, and Seetoh Kum Chun for their role in the planning. Additional thanks to SIP Councilmembers Wilfred Loo, Cerina Niken, Belinda Yuen, Prasad Shekhu, and Foo Say Boon as well, not to mention SIP members Ong Teong Pin, Tan Cheng Siong, Peter Hyland, Nachiappan Sathuappan, and Linda Low as well as others from the broader community: Jack Sim, Mohinder Singh, Bernise Ang, Damian Tang, Yeo Kirk Siang, Catherine Duffy, Jurgen Rosemann, and Oscar Carrecedo for their supporting and in some cases speaking roles at the event. 

Last but not least: Anthony Ow, who helped with tracking and disbursing funds, videographers Jerel Travezonda and Tristan Cua, and numerous other vendors and suppliers, from the travel agency to the hotel, tour company, printers, etc.

A special thanks, perhaps the biggest of all, also goes to Toh Lay Ping who served as Secretariat, together with her colleagues at Pomograna (notably Geraldine Lim, although there were also many others). Pomograna was the event planning company hired to help organize the event.

Below is the certificate issued to Singapore Institute of Planners by Embassy of the United States of America on May 2017.


YSEALI TV has produced an interesting video here.