21st September 2017 Swissotel Merchant Court Ballroom


Viewing gallery before dinner commenced 




From left, Ms Seetoh Kum Chun, Dr Cheong Koon Hean, Ms Evlyn Cheong, Ms Hwang Yu Ning and Mr Paul W. Farmer.


Honorary Fellow Membership Presentation - Ms Evlyn Cheong, SIP President, (from left) to Dr Cheong Koon Hean, CEO of HDB (middle) and Mr Tan Cheng Siong, a FSIP member.    

Urban Planning Awards Presented by Mr Paul W. Farmer, Past CEO of APA and AICP.

Urban Design Planning Awards with Ms Hwang Yu Ning, URA Deputy CEO and Chief Planner.

Resilient Planning Awards Presented by Mr Fong Chun Wah, HDB Deputy CEO (Building).

Infrastructure Planning Awards Presented by Mr Mohinder Singh, Dean of LTA Academy.

 Group picture with Guest-of-Honor, Dr Cheong Koon Hean, CEO of HDB.

Panel of Judges

1. Ms Evlyn Cheong, President of Singapore Institute of Planners.

2. Mr W. Paul Farmer, Past President of the American Planning Association.

3. Mr Fong Chun Wah, Deputy CEO of HDB.  

4. Ms Hwang Yu Ning, Chief Planner of Urban Redevelopment Authority. 

5. Mr Mohinder Singh, Dean of the LTA Academy. 

6. Ms Ling Shiang Yun, Immediate Past President of Association of Consulting Engineers Singapore ( ACES). 

List of 5th Planning Award Winners For 2017

Urban Planning - SIP Member

  1. Northern Savannah Ecological Zone (NSEZ) Regional Concept Plan. Ghana, Gold Award.
  2. Bidadari Master Planning & Urban Design.  Singapore, Silver Award.
  3. Ecopark Master Plan Revision 2015.  Vietnam, Silver Award.
  4. Mwanza City Master Plan. Tanzania, Bronze Award.
  5. Concept Plan for Yilong New District. China,  Merit Award.

Urban Design - SIP Member

  1. Kaloum Redevelopment Master Plan 2040. Guinea, Silver Award. 
  2. Huaqiao International Service Business Park. China, Bronze Award.
  3. Arusha City Centre Urban Design. Tanzania,  Merit Award.
  4. Okmeydani Redevelopment Project. Turkey, Merit Award. 
  5. TCL Cloud City. China, Merit Award.

Resilient Planning Design - SIP Member

  1. Amaravati Social Resilient Plan. India, Gold Award. 
  2. Han River Corridor Master Plan. Vietnam, Bronze Award.  

Infrastructure Planning Design - SIP Member

Mandalay Infrastructure Plan for Commercial Plaza. Myanmar, Silver Award.

Urban Design - International (Open)

  1. Conservation and Development Plan for Congjiang Town Zhanli Village and Rongjiang Town Dali Village. China, Gold Award.
  2. Cibinong Situ Front City Master Plan. Indonesia,  Silver Award.
  3. Pasar Johar Revitalization. Malaysia,  Merit Award.  

Resilient Planning Design - International (Open)

Conservation Master Plan for Liangzhu Archaeological Site. China, Merit Award. 

Infrastructure Planning Design - International (Open)

Kota Kemuning Wetland Park. Malaysia, Gold Award.

Student Projects

MAUD - National University of Singapore

  1. Dual City - Waterfront City: from Tanjong Pagar to Keppel.  Singapore, Silver Award.
  2. UrbanEx - Waterfront City:  Redevelopment, Continuity & Sustainability, Bronze Award.