@SingaPlural 10-15 March 2015

The High Performance exhibition and the production of the Planning Pioneers and Dr Liu Thai Ker video clips have been made possible with support from DesignSingapore Council.

SIP has invited government agencies, planning firms and students to contribute fun, slightly irreverent, fast-production amateur video clips for the exhibition. Some of the clips turned out to be more professional than expected, with lots of effort put into production.  A big thank you to all our contributors!! 

Scroll down for brief description of the video clips.





CPG Consultants – Can you imagine a world without planners?  Who’s going to take care of 40% of Asians living in cities in 2030, the 90% of sewage that goes into open lakes and seas, and 23% of carbon emission due to transportation?  Young planners from CPG Consultants address these serious challenges in a humorous, thought-provoking clip.

DP Architects – How do we change the destiny of a city?  Who are the silent warriors who fight to reshape parts of the city’s narrative?  DP has been a key player in shaping Singapore’s environment since its founding in the seventies.  The founders of DP believe that the built environment has the power to uplift the human spirit and the firm has applied its approach to its landmark overseas projects.

Evening@Omega – An SIP soirée where friendships and passion for planning are renewed.   

HDB – The Housing & Development Board is Singapore’s largest masterplanner and developer of public housing and related facilities.  Some of the younger planners, architects and engineers who work quietly and tirelessly behind the scenes to produce the high quality public housing we’ve taken for granted talk about their work experiences - from site visits, to precinct design, ambient comfort simulation, public engagement and sharing of past knowledge.

High Performance Dr Liu Thai Ker (in two parts) – SIP Vice President Karen Tham and Council Member Li Xiaoqing asked Singapore’s most acclaimed planner and SIP Fellow some tough questions and they got some sharp and enlightening answers.  Find out why planning work is like falling in love.  Dr Liu’s advice for young planners – spend enough time to learn the technical skill demands of city planning.   

MUP Students (in two parts) – The pioneer batch of the recently restarted Master of Urban Planning course at the National University of Singapore share their views and their high energy motivation on what they have learnt from the course, from each other and their views of planning in Singapore and the developing world.   

Planning Pioneers (in three parts) – SIP President Evlyn W.Y. Cheong chats with four SIP planning pioneers:  Chua Peng Chye - Founding President of SIP and a former Chief Planner, Daniel Teo – a real estate developer with a passion for socially oriented planning projects, Ong Teong Pin – who had formulated planning guidelines and designed landmark developments that met those guidelines, and Wee Chwee Heng – a fervent supporter of planning education and advocate of good alternative planning ideas.

SCP Consultants – SCP Consultants is an international planning and design firm with a strong presence in China.  Younger planners, urban designers and landscape architects from the firm talk about their work, their satisfaction and their aspirations.  One insightful viewpoint from a young planner - Planners visit many places… they are not just tourists…  but key agents influencing the future of those places…

Skyland – Tan Cheng Siong, planner-architect, adds a new item to his list of innovations, with Skyland – flexible indoor AND private outdoor high-rise housing spaces serviced by community decks for transportation linkages and social facilities.  There has been overwhelming visitor response to the Skyland model exhibited at SingaPlural 2015. 

URA – The Urban Redevelopment Authority is Singapore’s national urban and regional planning agency.  Five year old Wang Wei built a city in the living room and was extremely pleased to race a toy car around his city.  Today, as a planner in URA, he does work that impacts the lives of many, he takes care of the environment and strives to make our city a fun and delightful place.  Wang Wei’s advice for budding planners:  Planning is more than a job, It is a passion.